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A Fine-Grained Entity Typing Method for Knowledge Base Population

Dependency Graph

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    Xueqi Cheng, Yantao Jia, Hailun Lin, Manling Li, etc. (2nd student author).

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    National Natural Science Foundation of China No. 61402442


  • Objective: Fine-grained entity typing aims to assgin entities with fine-grained types, which can help to populate the knowledge bases.
  • Problem: Existing fine-grained entity typing based on rules or weak supervision. Rule based methods require much human effort, and weak supervision based methods suffer from context deficiency.
  • Proposed to construct a dependency graph of entities and types by entity linking, and then get types by random walk on the graph.

My Work

  • Implemented the entity linking module by using context similarity.
  • Selected features to define context similarities, including word frequency, abbreviation, alias, and so on.
  • Implemented the random walk module to generate types. The random walk starts from every node in the graph, and walk to another node according to a transfer possibility.